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The Master Salesman by Robert Ruxton

Image with text The Master Salesman
Title: The Master Salesman*
Author: Robert Ruxton
Year of Publication: 1922
Publisher: American Writing Paper Company
Length: 112 Pages & 20,862 Words
Status: Public Domain in the United States and countries following the rule of the shorter term.

* Includes various short reports namely:

The Master Salesman
Idols of Business
The Booklet – King of Sales Media
Print It and Mail It
Printed Salesmanship
The “Follow Up”
The Competitive Struggle.

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Extract of book:

The Master Salesman

A master chord in the complex problem of selling was recently sounded by Mr. George E. Smith in an article in System, the editor of that publication remarking:

“The methods and principles described can be used exactly as well in the little corner business, where the proprietor knows every customer, as they can in the big concern that employs hundreds of salesmen. The author does not base his judgment on theories alone, either, for he has come right up through selling from a road salesman’s job to the Presidency of the Royal Typewriter Company, and he is a former president of the Salesmanship Club of New York City.”

The following extracts from that article should prove of interest and value to every man who owns or directs the destinies of a business:

Does the success of a business depend upon its salesmen — upon the men on the firing line holding the blank with the dotted line? A smart, a very smart salesman will tell you “yes” right away: and then he will go on to give you the history of the men in this country who have been made rich by their salesmen.

I think that I have seen nearly every angle of selling; I have been five years on the road, five years as sales manager, five years as general manager and five years as president — twenty years of selling in all. The result of my experience and of my observation of nearly every selling success in two decades is this:

“The man behind the line does three quarters of the work; the man on the line does the rest.”

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