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Speech Power by Adelbert Brown

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Title: Speech Power
Author: Adelbert Brown
Year of Publication: 1962
Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Inc.
Length: 253 Pages & 58,166 Words
Status: Public Domain in the United States and countries following the rule of the shorter term.

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This book is in the public domain and copyright-free which means there are no usage restrictions and you can do with it whatever you want to. Sell it, give it away, turn it into an audio book, rewrite or edit it, use it for ideas or as content for another publication, etc. The list is endless! You can obviously also use it for personal use… Print your own copy, make notes on the pages and highlight sentences that inspire you!


1 A Panorama

2 How Do I Begin?

3 Keep Up Your Good Work

4 Check Your Voice for Bad Habits

5 How to Develop a Better Delivery

6 How to Prepare Your Speech

7 Condiments for Seasoning

8 Bits for Beginners

9 Introducing Speakers

10 Tasks of the Toastmaster

11 Principal Speech Preliminaries

12 Putting the Speaker on Speaking Terms

13 The Speaker’s Line

14 Preparing the Principal Speech

15 Concerning People

16 Types People Talk About

17 Reserved for Rookie Raconteurs

Extract of book:


We habitually live and move as part of a group and participate with others in common matters, and socially, politically or business-wise are required from time to time to make ourselves heard. The better a man makes himself heard, the more he is heeded. The man capable of expressing his ideas clearly commands the attention of Management and the Board of Directors.

As one of these gregarians you also are apt at some time to be called upon to tell an audience your name or your line, or to introduce a fellow human at a meeting. With social progress you could eventually become Program Chairman, Toastmaster, preside as President, or even be the person referred to when someone else says, “I’m proud to present and you’ll be happy to hear Mr. Narrator, our principal speaker today.”

Every day of every week from lobster luncheons in Maine to sand dab dinners in San Diego, luncheon groups, dinner forums, supper clubs and countless legions and lodges hold regular meetings. Most of them feature individuals who must know something about the cardinal fundamentals of public speaking. How to present an idea interestingly is the elusive goal of many but the coveted secret of few. Yet it’s an ability within the reach of all of us to add wit and sparkle to our talk.

Some people are blessed with perfect timing—in tune with every passing phase and sufficiently well adjusted to meet the fluctuations of fate. These fortunate few require no help, but most of us need a prop, a pitch-pipe, a ready reference, and for these this handbook hopes to be helpful.

We hope you also will find that this book is factual and thorough without sacrificing readability; find it entertaining while informative, and find that it answers questions which plague anyone who must express himself publicly.

The combination of fact and fancy in this work adds up to an inspirational source book for speakers and writers, ad men and gag men, comedians and campaigners. It aims as well to help Governors and governed; Mr. Big and Mr. Little, bosses and the bossed, politicians and the public (in fact, anyone who’ll buy the book), and to add spark to any speeches.

A final chapter is reserved for “rookie” raconteurs. It embodies a summary of years the author spent in swapping windies with Westerners and tall tales with Texans, and assembling stories from many walks of life and applying humor to human events.

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