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Inspirational Quotes Versus Positive Affirmations

Inspirational quotes are often used as positive affirmations but it’s important to understand the differences between inspirational quotes and affirmations.

According to Wikipedia an affirmation is a declaration that something is true. Many self help gurus advocate the use of positive affirmations as a way of reprogramming your unconscious mind into believing something about yourself which is not currently part of your belief system.

For example, let’s assume you are shy and an introvert and want to be more assertive and become more of an extrovert. In this case, your positive affirmation may be something like: “I am confident and enjoy meeting and interacting with other people.” If you supposedly repeat this affirmation often enough it will reprogram your unconscious mind into believing you are more confident and you will start behaving more like an extrovert.

But, affirmations go much further than just changing your personality traits. They can supposedly also help you to manifest material objects in your life, such as a new car. In this case, your positive affirmation may be something like: “I am sitting behind the steering wheel of my brand new, dark blue, Porsche Cayenne Turbo.” And, while saying this affirmation you are suppose to feel as if you are sitting behind the steering wheel of your new Porsche.

The biggest problem with positive affirmations is believability. Your conscious mind may want to believe that it’s real but while saying the above affirmation chances are very good that your unconscious mind is saying: “Yeah, right! And when you open your eyes where will your Porsche be? Who do you think you’re kidding? You are just pretending to have a Porsche. You know you don’t really have one.”

You are basically lying to yourself when you use the above mentioned type of affirmation. And, your unconscious mind knows it. There is a much better way to use positive affirmations, and our limiting beliefs also play a big role. But, I will write an article about that in the near future. However, for now, let’s focus on the differences between inspirational quotes and positive affirmations.

Inspirational quotes are more believable to your unconscious mind than the above type of positive affirmation since you are not trying to lie to your unconscious mind about something which is obviously not true. Due to this fact, your unconscious mind is more receptive into accepting inspirational quotes as the truth. Someone, very often a famous and well respected person, did indeed utter those inspirational words.

When these inspirational quotes coincide with whatever situation you are facing it’s easier for your unconscious mind to accept them and to link them with your current situation. You will still have to repeat them many times before they can become a part of your belief system but you will get less resistance from your unconscious mind than by using positive affirmations which are not true.

Inspirational quotes can motivate us. It can be compared to running the New York City Marathon. It’s not easy for most people. But, when you imagine all those spectators along the way as inspirational quotes shouting: “You can do it! Go for it! You are nearly done! Just a little while longer! Don’t give up!” you will understand how inspirational quotes can motivate us and lift our spirits when we really need the encouragement.

Find some inspirational quotes right now that will motivate and encourage you and help you to think more positively about your current circumstances.