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Inspirational Quotes And Positive Thinking

The reason inspirational quotes are so popular and helpful is that inspirational quotes help us to think more positively, and positive thoughts attract positive outcomes.

The fact that someone, often a famous person, said something inspirational that applies to our current predicament gives us hope. It’s like he or she is speaking directly to us, understands us and is encouraging and supporting us. It makes us feel as if we are not alone.

Whenever we are facing a difficult situation, be it financial, with a relationship or otherwise, it’s easy to start doubting ourselves and to start having negative thoughts. When we doubt ourselves we lose confidence and our self esteem takes a knock. It’s at times like this that we are in desperate need of some reassurance. And, this is where inspirational quotes and positive thinking play a role in helping us realize that not all is lost, that the sun will shine again and that this too will pass.

It’s nearly impossible to attract a positive outcome through negative thoughts. What often happens is that we get caught up in a negative spiral where our negative thoughts, fears and worries just lead to more negative thoughts and worsening circumstances.

The more we think about what we do not want or what we are afraid of the more energy we give to these negative thoughts and the bigger they become until it reaches a point where we simply lose all hope of things getting better.

What we need to realize is that by thinking negative thoughts about a certain situation the situation is not going to improve. We need to focus on the solution and not on the problem. This does not mean we should put our head in the sand and pretend there is no problem. No, it only means that we should focus on the outcome we want and not on that which we are afraid of.

Inspirational quotes can help us to change the way we think and feel. Inspirational quotes often lead to us having more positive thoughts. And, positive thoughts can help us to feel more confident and in control. Making decisions based on negative thoughts, fear and worry is not the solution. We need to have the right mindset and thinking positively is a key ingredient to having the right mindset.

Inspirational quotes do not always need to come from a famous person, dead or alive, like Albert Einstein. Inspirational quotes can be an inspirational or motivational verse from the Bible, the Koran or any other source.

I believe that God or The Universe, or whatever name you want to call It, speaks to us every single day and that we often just don’t hear the inspirational message because we are not listening. Inspirational quotes can be found in a magazine, on television, on the radio or anywhere else and inspirational quotes normally sound like they are speaking just to us and for our benefit.

Make a point of carrying a pen and a notepad with you and the next time a friend, relative or anyone else says something inspirational or motivational write it down! Just say “Stop! Do you mind if I write that down? It is something I would really like to remember.”

One of my favourite inspirational quotes is from Serena Williams after she won the Wimbledon tennis final on the 3rd of July 2010. She said: “My dream was able to come true and… Everyone’s dreams can come true if you just stick to it and work hard.”

Millions of people all over the world watched the Wimbledon ladies final in 2010 and heard her say those words. But, they were exactly what I needed to hear at that moment and as I am writing this I am looking at a piece of cardboard lying right next to me that I used at the time to write down these inspirational words and other inspirational quotes I have since heard on television.

Get into the habit of writing down inspirational quotes. Trust me, you won’t remember all the inspirational quotes you come across if you don’t write them down. It does not really matter if you write them down in a notepad that you have bought just for writing down inspirational quotes or whether you stick you fridge full of inspirational quotes. But, whatever you do, make sure you refer back to your inspirational quotes a regular basis, daily if possible. You want them to become a part of your belief system and regular repetition is a key ingredient of this process.

I hope you will come across many great inspirational quotes and that these inspirational quotes will help you to think more positively and that through positive thoughts you will be able to conquer any situation that you are faced with.