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How To Break Your Success Barrier by Hans Peter Gravengaard

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Title: How To Break Your Success Barrier
Author: Hans Peter Gravengaard
Year of Publication: 1962
Publisher: The National Underwriter Co.
Length: 194 Pages & 35,883 Words
Status: Public Domain in the United States and countries following the rule of the shorter term.

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Part I – Your Great Potential For Success

What Do You Want?

You Have The Talents

You Are The Master

Start Where You Are

Change If You Must

Dormant Power

You At Your Best

Part II – Your Physical Resources For Success

Your Body At Its Best

A Program For Physical Fitness

PART III – Your Mental Resources For Success

The Brain

The Power Of The Mind

The Importance Of Formal Education

Five Reasons For A College Education

Learning — A Continuous Process

Never Too Old To Learn

Business And Education

PART IV – Your Spiritual Resources For Success

The Great Potential

The Vital Lifeline

The Power Of Prayer

The Healing Power Of Prayer

Prayer Helps One To Get Along With Others

Religion Invades The College Campus

Religion Invades The Business World

Religion And Character

The Church And Its Bible

Your Refuge And Your Strength

PART V – “How To Use The Bow”

A Mark to Aim At

Organization And Preparation



The Challenge And The Promise

Extract of book:

What Do You Want?

“WHAT do you want more than anything else in the world?”

I have asked that question many, many times during the last fifteen years, from friend and stranger alike, during extensive business and speaking trips from coast to coast.

And invariably the answer has been the same: “I want more than anything else in the world to be successful in my work!”

Well, there you have it in a nutshell. Men and women everywhere want, more than anything else in the world, to be successful in their work. Nothing else seems quite so important as that. And nothing else can fill the void that settles in one’s heart when success is unattained.

Fortunately, success is within the grasp of everyone. God has blessed every human being on earth with a certain measure of ability. And that talent is sufficient, if intelligently developed and utilized, to guarantee success in accordance with one’s ability, training and developed skill — in the words of the Biblical parable: “to every man according to his several ability.”

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