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How To Become A Successful Executive by Eugene J. Benge

Image with text How To Become A Successful Executive
Title: How To Become A Successful Executive
Author: Eugene J. Benge
Year of Publication: 1960
Publisher: Frederick Fell, Inc.
Length: 351 Pages & 69,908 Words
Status: Public Domain in the United States and countries following the rule of the shorter term.

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1. Welding An Employee Team

2. Five Roads To Cost Reduction

3. Bend The Knee To King Consumer

4. $ The Capital Letter

5. They May Hear, But Do They Listen?

6. Social Skill—Get It

7. How To Light Firecrackers

8. Think Like The Boss

9. You’ve Got To Be Tough

10. It’s Stockholders Who Elect Directors

11. If You’re Self Employed

12. Rainy Day Security

13. Investment Dollars and Sense

14. Autumn In Your Life

15. You Can Dig Your Grave With Your Teeth

16. Man Does Not Die—He Kills Himself

17. Psychosomatics Will Get You If You Don’t Watch Out

18. Master The Basics Fast

19. Icing On The Cake

20. Your Personal Efficiency

21. Dream No Little Dreams

22. Think And Act Like A Leader

23. Break The Chains Which Bind You!

Extract of book:


The author of this book, Eugene J. Benge, has spent a lifetime working with people in industry and commerce. For the past 21 years he has been a management consultant, serving large and small companies.

Hundreds of men and women have attended his executive seminars, held in the United States and Europe. Hundreds of thousands have read his magazine articles. He is the author of 14 books on management techniques and personality development.

In the management field he is regarded by his confreres as a pioneer. He has been active in the American Management Association, the Society for Advancement of Management and other professional groups for three decades.

Your publisher counts it a privilege to here present the condensed wisdom of one of the best known counsellors in the international field of management.

Every executive, young or old, can profit by the hard-core suggestions in this book.

But every ambitious executive should read it, believe it, follow it—and benefit by it.


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