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Handbook of Successful Sales Meetings by Bill N. Newman

Image with text "Handbook of Successful Sales Meetings"
Title: Handbook of Successful Sales Meetings
Author: Bill N. Newman
Year of Publication: 1960
Publisher: Prentice-Hall, Inc.
Length: 222 Pages & 63,197 Words
Status: Public Domain in the United States and countries following the rule of the shorter term.

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1. What Good Sales Meetings Will Do for You

2. How to Plan Your Sales Meetings

3. How to Build Your Meetings Around a Central Theme

4. How to Use Variety and Showmanship

5. How to Use Audio-Visual Aids Effectively

6. How to Use Speakers to Best Advantage

7. How to Organize a Speech

8. How to Put Humor Into a Speech

9. Forty-Five Ways to Put Life Into a Speech

10. How to Make Good Physical Arrangements

11. How to Ensure a Good Audience

12. How to Emcee a Sales Meeting

13. How to Climax Your Sales Meeting

14. How to Conduct Group Training Sessions

15. How to Publicize Your Sales Meetings

16. How to Conduct Special Type Sales Meetings

17. How to Conduct a Recruiting Meeting

18. How to Conduct a Large Meeting or Convention

19. How to Evaluate Your Sales Meetings

Extract of book:

What Good Sales Meetings Will Do for You

There’s a sales meeting somewhere. Morning, noon, or night— a sales meeting is taking place. There are more this year than last, and next year there’ll be more than ever. Sales meetings are popular because of one thing . . . they pay dividends! They’re often the difference between profit and loss, the difference between success and failure. Sales meetings are that important.

Meetings can work wonders for the people attending. After a snappy meeting in Akron, Ohio, a salesman remarked, “I learned more about selling in one hour than I had in the last year!” An-other commented, “I always get ‘pumped up’ when I go to sales meetings. I’d be lost without them.”

Good sales meetings are profitable for all concerned. However a sales meeting must actually be good for everyone to benefit. If there’s reason to believe a meeting will not be successful, improve your plans … or don’t stage the meeting. If there’s doubt about the need for a meeting, establish the need … or don’t call the meeting.

A poor meeting is torture. Even a mediocre meeting is not acceptable. An effective sales meeting is instructional and inspirational, both interesting and exciting. Everyone attending becomes a participant, at least in spirit. They accept and approve, nodding their heads in agreement with the speakers and demonstrations.

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