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Electrosonic Means of Aiding You

Some people have difficulty in gaining good from self-help books because they follow through with an attitude of wishing, instead of knowing.

This attitude is quite understandable. For example, you may be living in very humble circumstances and may aspire to have a better home, nicely furnished; a new car; money in the bank, etc. In order to follow the teachings of many self-help book authors, you are asked to see yourself as enjoying the objectives you are striving for, instead of viewing the conditions which exist. There is a conflict. The picture of reality is so graphic in your mind it often neutralizes the picture you are attempting to establish.

Throughout this book you have been told that you should retire at night with thoughts pertaining to your objectives, not the things you desire to change. And, when you do this, things happen. You are putting the forces of nature to work for you.

In the cases where people report failure in obtaining what they want, it is because the thoughts they hold are based on wishes, instead of faith. If, for example, they are seeking advancement in their work, they will think about the condition they want, but their thoughts will be more like wishes than a firm belief that the desired objective will come to fruition.

To prevent this element of failure, several companies have brought into the market courses containing series of recorded conditioning messages which come to you while you sleep.

A repeating phonograph coupled to a timer is used. An under-pillow speaker, about the size of a woman’s powder puff, is placed under the pillow with the volume turned down so low that the sound is barely audible while the user is awake.

The recommendations by many in this field are to set the timer for three periods during the night; for 30 minutes at the time of retiring, 15 minutes during normal sleep and 15 minutes just prior to awakening.

The use of the instrument is based on the fact that the Creative Mind (normally thought of as the subconscious mind) never sleeps and is susceptible to suggestions while the conscious mind is in abeyance, or asleep.

There is a similarity between this method of nocturnal learning and hypnosis. With hypnotism, the conscious mind is placed in abeyance through induced sleep; with sleep-learning, the suggestions are given during natural sleep.

Whether or not the subconscious mind will accept suggestions during deep sleep as it will during hypnotic sleep is questioned by many psychologists. It is doubtful, however, if many people do reach the state of deep sleep. As a safeguard, to make certain that the suggestions will be given at the right time, the above program is given. This schedule gives the sleeper the message as he goes to sleep, while he is asleep, and just before he wakes up.

As to the efficacy of sleep-teaching, reams of testimony could be gathered from people in all walks of life, who report benefits ranging from finding new happiness to amassing fortunes.

As related elsewhere, it is considered that 95 per cent of all human problems stem from a negative mind. This figure includes such traits as timidity, domestic discord, business failure, bad memory, tenseness, unhappiness, worry, etc.

It has been found that by re-educating the Creative Mind to think positively instead of negatively, most negative psychological traits will vanish.

If a night recording were produced intended to focus one’s attention entirely on positive thinking, it would be of great value and would help to dispose of the above traits and many more.

But, to make the system more effective, dozens of personality traits are individually covered by special conditioning messages.

One course on nocturnal training begins with a recording which develops an urge for self-improvement. Most people, after leaving school and college, find that their education, instead of being complete, is just beginning. After starting to face life as a mature adult, they discover that, to be a success, much more study is needed.

Many will take home courses, or go to the library for books, or subscribe to certain magazines. But, most of this study is undertaken because they feel they should study. Under such circumstances, it is doubtful as to the amount of good these people will gain from their work. If, on the other hand, they have an urge to study, they will enjoy and remember everything they read. Each new fact learned will give them a thrill.

A schoolteacher, after spending a week with the recording I just mentioned, reported that it was like lifting a veil from her consciousness. Reading and study became fun. Everything she read was crystal clear, and no extraneous thoughts interfered with her concentration.

Timidity is also being treated by sleep-teaching. Timidity in most cases is a form of self-consciousness. One’s thoughts will dwell upon himself, fearing he will not make a good impression. The purpose of the nocturnal conditioning message is to build within the mind the thought that one enjoys being with people, talking to people and helping people.

A case came to my attention of a girl so timid she would be extremely uncomfortable when with a group of people. She acquired a course involving sleep-teaching. Among the many conditioning records was one on overcoming timidity. She was invited to a party and, after returning home, she realized that, for the first time, she had had a good time and had contributed to all conversations. Her timidity had faded away.

Success, as you have learned, is a matter of awareness. As soon as one can see himself as a success, he begins manifesting success. A large part of this book is devoted to showing you how to build a success consciousness which will assure your success.

“It is too good to be true,” many will think. To be able to change your things by changing your thoughts is hard to believe. True, one will want success, and will, most likely, try to gain a success attitude. But beneath it all is the doubt that he will achieve the coveted possession—success.

A recorded conditioning message implanting in one’s Creative Mind—while his conscious mind is asleep—the fact that he is a success, will have a definite tendency to eliminate doubt. One will awaken to the fact that he is a success and, regardless of what his present circumstances may be, he will know that he will be guided in thought and action to do the things which will manifest success.

An insurance salesman who was making a living and no more, after using the nocturnal success record for a little over a week, tackled his work with such verve it was not long before he had tripled his sales.

It is simple to explain the reason for such a meteoric rise in sales. The ordinary salesman approaches his prospect with an “I wonder if I’ll make the sale?” attitude. Such a feeling cannot be disguised. His entire presentation lacks forcefulness and, instead of drawing the prospect closer to him, will prompt a dismissal at the first opportunity.

One fired with a success awareness confronts the prospect with such a warm, confident attitude that the prospect actually enjoys talking to him and, if the product or service is something he can use to advantage, he will sign on the dotted line.

Shortly before writing this, I became interested in a new piece of equipment which had come on the market. I talked to a salesman on the phone and told him if he wanted to drop in and give me a demonstration, I would permit him to do so. I warned him, however, that I was not ready to make a purchase and that he need not expect to carry an order away with him. With such an understanding a demonstration was arranged. The salesman who called upon me was a young fellow but one who was an outstanding success not only in his consciousness, but in his record of sales.

After the salesman had convinced himself that I could be benefited by the use of his equipment now, he started in to lead me—step by step and without pressure—to the point of signing his order blank.

An ordinary salesman would have accepted my statement to the effect that I was not ready to buy at this time and would have given the demonstration without exerting any effort in closing a sale.

Some of the other subjects covered in the courses on nocturnal education are: Building a Retentive Memory, Art of Relaxation, Developing a Likeable Disposition. Developing a Creative Mind, Making Your Mind Keep You Young, How to Become a Great Salesman, etc.


A recording designed to cause children to be obedient, respectful and polite has, in many cases, proved most effective. Some parents, whose children had been unruly, claim this nocturnal message helped them to avoid traveling the road leading to delinquency.

“Causing Children to Enjoy Their Studies” is the title of a recording which is doing much good. It is easy to do the things we like to do. The child who enjoys his lessons will make better grades than the one who goes through the motions of learning, because he has to do so.


Many thousands of people have learned various languages through lessons which have been printed and recorded. Words and sentences are given in printed form and the correct pronunciation is recorded.

It has been found that by studying a lesson before retiring, then listening to it subconsciously, during sleep, the student can fix it in his mind much sooner than if he studied during the daytime alone.

It has been said that a student of a language course, by using the nocturnal phonograph in addition to the daytime study, will gain as much in four months as is usually acquired in a year.


An individual can do everything consciously that he can through the aid of nocturnal equipment. If everything in this book—up to this chapter—is accepted and acted upon, this chapter is unnecessary.

The nocturnal courses are for those who cannot separate wishing from knowing. When a truth is imbedded in your Creative Mind, without interference from a doubtful conscious mind, it becomes effective. This is the main reason for the existence of sleep-learning courses. But, if you have been thinking as you read, you will be gaining the full benefits of this book on a “do-it-yourself” basis.

The owner of a popular gymnasium told me that as effective as his training courses are, he does not do a thing for one member that he cannot do for himself. The big question is: Will he do it? If a man pays his money, and takes the time to visit a gymnasium, he will, most likely, follow instructions and gain much good.

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