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Book Of Salads by Larry Eisinger (editor-in-chief)

Image with text Book Of Salads
Title: Book Of Salads
Author: Larry Eisinger (editor-in-chief)
Year of Publication: 1959
Publisher: Arco Publishing Co., Inc.
Length: 144 Pages & 20,360 Words
Status: Public Domain in the United States and countries following the rule of the shorter term.

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bologna- tater salad
he-man special
hot weather salad
chef’s salad bowl
kidney bean and bologna salad
jellied tongue and potato salad
hearty dixie salad
ham salad ring
chop suey salad
chicken olive salad mold
tongue and potato salad
chicken salad California
florida chicken salad
cranberry turkey salad
ham souffle salad
meat salad sandwiches
frankfurter salad bowl
molded chicken loaf
jellied chicken and pimento loaf
chicken and rice salad
veal and green bean salad
tossed whole-meal salad
salmagundi salad
olive and tongue salad
jellied chicken aspic ring
buffet salad
molded ham and cheese loaf
molded ham and potato salad
toasted cheese frankfurter salad
chicken almond salad
molded chicken salad
chicken salad deluxe
ham glories
tropical chicken salad
liverwurst salad
smoked turkey salad
ham and macaroni salad

summer salad
dutch potato salad
savory potato salad
easy tomato aspic
beet salad ring
lima bean salad
old fashioned potato salad
jellied Christmas tree salad
vegetable and pineapple souffle salad
cranberry holiday salad
tossed rice bowl
tomato and avocado salad bowl
bean salad
christmas garden salad
tomato vegetable salad
artichoke salad
spring salad with roquefort cream
hearts of lettuce with bleu cheese
green pepper cole slaw
asparagus appetizer salad
perfection salad
hot beet salad
spring green salad
frosted vegetables salad loaf
salad ice bowl
emerald macedoine salad
avocados on the half shell
wilted lettuce bowl
stuffed tomato salads
vegetable chop suey
cauliflower salad
frozen tomato salad
string bean and bacon salad
golden glow salad
cooked vegetable salad
bacon and spinach salad bowl
celery pinwheels
laguna cabbage salad
caesar salad
fiesta salad
tossed green salad
cabbage salad tokay

fruit salad bowl
molded grapefruit salad
jellied waldorf salad
golden peach gels
cranberry-avocado salad
banana waldorf salad
apple ring
cinnamon apple ring
peach ginger ale salad
orange pyramid salad
fresh fruit salad
melon cooler
fruit slaw
cheese stuffed apricots
lime-fruit and cheese salad
pineapple-cranberry salad
wine-cranberry molds
raw cranberry salad
stuffed pear salad
moran’s party salad
bunch of grapes
bermuda salad bowl
pear salad bowl
orange-carrot salad
blackberry-pineapple mold
pineapple-strawberry salad
fresh pear salad
pear cucumber aspic
catalina luncheon cooler
black cherry salad
frozen pineapple salad
valentine salad
waldorf salad
avocado grapefruit salad
molded apple salad
salad patrish
frozen fruit salad
layered fruit salad
molded pineapple vegetable loaf
orange and onion salad
fruit in wine jelly
our-favorite cranberry salad
ambrosia salad
autumn pinwheel salad

pineapple shrimp salad
shrimp salad
hawaiian shrimp salad
crab meat apple salad
salmon mousse
vegetable and salmon souffle salad
herring and beet salad
crab meat salad bowl
jellied beet and salmon salad
shrimp and potato salad
india salad
tuna stuffed tomatoes
summer salmon mold
artichoke seafood salad
supper salad ring
tuna-macaroni salad
shrimp tomato ribbon loaf
molded avocado and tuna loaf
sardine salad
tuna stuffed lettuce cups
seafood stuffed avocados
Swedish aspic
lobster salad
crab louie
crab meat salad with tomato aspic
molded crab salad
fish and vegetable salad
southern shrimp salad
shrimp curry salad
hearty shrimp bowl
seafood potpourri
seafood mold
crab stuffed cucumbers
tuna fish salad
florida salmon loaf

egg salad royale
fruit salad cheese chest
frozen fruit salad
pop’s egg salad
cottage cheese salad rings
macaroni and cheese salad ring
cottage cheese tomato molds
bacon and egg bowl
cheese salad
frozen oriental salad
cheese lime ring
cheese salad ring
cottage cheese apple salad
swiss salad platter
jellied deviled egg salad
tomato egg mold
cottage cheese fruit salad
cottage cheese, fruit souffle salad
fruit and cheese combination
tomato soup mold
sour cream ring
roquefort salad ring
cheese stuffed lettuce
cottage cheese cole slaw
spicy cheese ring

mystery french dressing
how to make french dressing
how to make salad dressing
green goddess dressing
boiled dressing
hot salad dressing
peanut butter dressing
salad dressing supreme
stuffed olive dressing
thousand island dressing
ruby french dressing
mayonnaise variations

Extract of book:

It has been said that the reputation of many a good cook has been built on a simple green salad, prepared with dexterity and loving care. It all looks so easy and tastes so delightful, but let us give a thought to the background preparations.

The surest way in the world to have a salad failure is to use limp, lifeless unattractive greens. So select the best quality of salad greens available, and then clean and refrigerate them as soon as possible after purchasing.

After the greens have been properly stored and are crisping, then is the time to think of the serving. The most popular dressing for a green salad is a French type made with three parts of oil to one part of vinegar or lemon juice. From this point individual tastes will rule regarding seasonings, kind of oil or kind of vinegar.

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