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About Us

This site is all about you, the reader, and not about me. However, it’s always a pleasure introducing myself to my loyal readers, followers and customers.

My name is Casper du Toit and I am a businessman, author and entrepreneur currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa with my beautiful wife Nuy. I have been in sales for most of my working career in one form or another and have had the opportunity to work with several high-profile international companies.

From an early age I have been fascinated with phycology, religion, spirituality and trying to understand why some people seem to have it so easy while others seem to have such a hard time navigating through life.

I became passionate about not only improving my own life but also about helping other people to improve theirs.

My second passion, perhaps because of my sales & marketing background, is the Internet. Being able to reach a worldwide audience 24 hours a day and 7 days a week even when I am sleeping, on holiday or in another country is simply amazing. Moments after publishing a new blog post or article it can be read by someone sitting in New York, USA and another person sitting in Bangkok, Thailand at the same time.

I can’t remember when I first discovered the public domain but I do remember that I was astonished at the huge number of high quality copyright-free self-improvement books in the public domain. I felt that I had stumbled upon a goldmine and I was surprised that so few people were actually even aware of this great resource!

Most of these books are extremely hard to find in an editable word document format and are expensive to acquire. Most public domain books being sold on the internet have been edited or modified to some extent and are therefore copyright protected and can’t be used for commercial purposes.

I saw an opportunity to combine two things I am passionate about, namely my passion to help other people that are seeking to improve their lives and my passion for using the Internet as a tool to reach a worldwide audience.

My main goal became to introduce and share high quality self-help books that are in the public domain on a website where people could read them for free online and benefit from them. But not only that, I also had a second goal, namely to allow people to download scanned, copyright-free copies of such books in an editable word document format for a small investment that they could use to reach thousands of other people whether they choose to sell the information or give it away for free.

Out of these goals and objectives was born.

My vision for this site is for it to be the No. 1 site on the Internet for high quality self-help books in the public domain that can be read online or downloaded for a small investment in an editable word document format.

Wishing you all of the very best, always.

Casper du Toit