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Top Self-Help Books that are now Public Domain Books is proud to offer high-quality, copyright-free self-help books in the public domain. It includes self-improvement bookshealth & fitness books, and money & business books.

You can download any of our public domain books on offer for a small fee of only $12 per book if you would like the right to use them for your upliftment and to help others.

Things you can do include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sell them at any price you want.
  • Give them away, perhaps as an incentive to build your email list.
  • Turn them into audiobooks.
  • Use the content for ideas and publish your unique book.
  • Use them to create YouTube videos.
  • And much more!

Use them for any commercial project since they have no usage restrictions in the U.S. – Zero Limits!

Note: There are many public domain resources available on the Internet. However, many have been edited and are no longer copyright-free.

All the books on are guaranteed 100% copyright-free in the USA.

What you receive when you buy a public domain book from us:

  • A scanned copy of the original in an editable word document.
  • A scanned copy of the original as a pdf file.
  • A flat e-cover in five different sizes.

Acquiring these books took a significant amount of time and money. But for a small investment of only $12, you can profit from our hard work while helping others.

We are confident that you will pick up many golden nuggets!

Please bookmark and visit us often since we will add new content regularly.

P.S. Please note that we reserve the right to increase the price without prior notice at any time.